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Community Engagement Programs: University Service-Learning

Community Partner Criteria

University Service-Learning connects ASU students with nonprofits, community outreach programs, and Title I schools.

ASU students enrolled in USL courses apply knowledge and skills learned in the classroom to meaningful service to the community. Students select from a list of approved service internships offered through Community Partners to fulfill service hour requirements.


  1. be a non-profit organization, Title I school, government agency, or outreach program
  2. offer direct service to underserved populations* for free or for a nominal or sliding-scale fee
  3. have a public facility/office--agencies operating out of a private-home office are prohibited
  4. provide designated supervisor(s) and contact(s) who will:
    • complete a mandatory one-time, online orientation session
    • promptly respond to student inquiries
    • assign and monitor appropriate service tasks
    • review, approve, and/or complete online forms

About USL Students:

  • USL students are required to serve between 60-100 hours throughout a 15-week semester (8 weeks in summer)
  • Students attend a weekly seminar on ASU’s campus in which they learn about community issues such as poverty, discrimination, inequalities in health care and education, etc.
  • Students reflect on their internship experiences to inform their classroom discussions and assignments
  • USL students come from all majors and all years (freshmen through grad students) across the university, at all 4 campuses
  • About half of our 450+ students are Education majors -- Education majors will have fingerprint clearance cards already, which will help clear them for volunteer positions

USL students tend to be more consistent than average volunteers since the number of hours they serve is tied to their grades and they are required to serve continuously for at least 13 weeks throughout the semester (6-8 weeks in summer).

*Examples of "underserved populations" include those:

  • living in poverty
  • with disabilities or chronic illness
  • in low-income residential facilities
  • with limited English literacy

Please also see Service Internship Criteria.

I must tell you that our USL intern experience at the New Arid Club has been wonderful. The quality of our interns has been exceptional. Your program support is great. We look forward to more USL Interns. They enhance our program in ways that are hard to describe and are always positive.”

– Chuck Ashby, The Lodestar Day Resource Center

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