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Community Engagement Programs: University Service-Learning

For Faculty

University Service-Learning documents service-learning activities throughout the university.

ASU captures this information using class note 0303 on the schedule of classes. This data is used in several capacities including helping students find service-learning courses; applying for university-wide designations for campus involvement, civic engagement, and community service; and to disseminate resources to instructors interested in utilizing service-learning as a teaching strategy.


The class note for service-learning (0303) is designated for courses that include a mandatory community outreach service component. Outreach must correlate to the curriculum and include service-learning reflection assignments, discussions, and/or activities in which students make connections between course curriculum and their service to the community. To add the service-learning class note (0303) to your course:

  • Identify the sections that contain the service-learning component.
  • Complete the Service-Learning Class Note Form
    (may not open properly in Firefox)
  • Email the form to your department scheduler (electronic document preferred).

Course Schedulers

It is necessary to add class note 0303 to all courses that contain a mandatory service-learning component. Please proceed as follows:

  • Identify all faculty teaching a course with a service -learning component.
  • Collect a completed Service-Learning Class Note Form (may not open properly in Firefox)for each qualifying class from the professor or instructor (electronic document preferred).
  • Complete the scheduler section of each class note form (contact information and class number)
  • Email completed class note form to Sara Guglielmo (preferred) or fax to 480-727-7065, or campus mail to MC 5511, attention: Sara Guglielmo.
  • Add class note 0303 to each section. (For technical assistance with adding the note, contact Classroom Scheduling at or 480-965-6578.)

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