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Community Engagement Programs

Academic and Social Mentor

Gililland Middle School


Tradition, Technology, Teamwork -Providing an exciting and rigorous experience where all students are growing, achieving, and excelling at Gililland Middle School! 


About the Internship


Work one-on-one or in small groups with children in a typical or special education classroom. Assist typical students with a variety of core subjects to supplement the instruction that exists during the school day. Or interact with special education students in a resource setting or in a self-contained classroom, running small groups, working individually with students, interacting with assistants, and helping struggling students complete classwork.

Population Served:

GMS is a Title I school.  We have a population of 970 students. Our school is very diverse serving Hispanic/Latinos, African American, Caucasians, Pacific Islanders, and Asian students. Our school is composed of 85 percent free and reduced lunch. 

About 13% of the student body receives special education services. The population of the self-contained special education classroom includes students with disabilities who qualify in the area of reading, math, and writing. Most of these students need social skills.

Our students are fantastic!  They are extremely enthusiastic and care tremendously about their learning, growth, and success!

Community Need:

Our students are always looking for a mentor / role model at Gililland Middle School.  Our ultimate goal is to continue to have high expectations and set goals to achieve excellence in school and in life.  We want students to get excited and be enthusiastic about middle school, high school, and college. 

ASU students would be able to help with academics such as homework, daily work, reading, writing, etc as well as band, choir, orchestra and other elective classes.  Students should pick an area that is interesting to them or something they are passionate about.  

Community Impact:

Gililland Middle School is always looking for opportunities to partner with ASU since the campus is almost in our "back yard."  Working with our middle school students would be beneficial towards their academic growth and success as well as their social development.  Also, serving as a mentor to our students creates connections. An ASU student would have the ability to provide examples, experiences, and stories that a middle school student can relate to overcome challenges and obstacles that they face everyday.