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Community Engagement Programs

Academic Support

Wood Elementary School-Tempe


Positively Acquiring Continuous Knowledge. We commit to be problem solvers, motivated to reach beyond our maximum potential by growing academically, emotionally, and socially in a diverse and safe more



About the Internship


Interns will work with students in grades K-4 to enhance reading and math in-class, one-on-one, or in a small group setting.

Interns will mentor, assist, facilitate, lead and evaluate students during their time at Wood School. Student groups may include general population, ELL, low SES, special education, and/or other students who are frequently tardy, absent or struggle with reading and math.

Population Served:

Wood School serves a diverse population of students in grades K-5. We are a Title I School and service students in all grades where English is their second language.

Our students strive to do their best academically and socially. We invite people on our campus that will make a positive impact with our students. They need role models to work with, look up to and assist with building a better community of learners.

Community Need:

Students at Wood School need support in both reading and math. We have a reading intervention program that provides skill specific interventions to students in grades k-5.  In addition to intervention, our students are focusing on phonics, reading fluency, accuracy and comprehension. We have daily small group instructional blocks in all grades. It is during this time tutors will provide small group instruction for students at various academic levels.  In addition to reading block, Wood school also has whole group, small group and review time for math in all grade levels. During this time students will be provided the opportunity to work one-on-one or in small groups with tutors.


Community Impact:

Elementary school children living in poverty, suffering from poor health, or learning a new academic language often encounter many challenges in academics. You can assist in closing this gap by supporting students in math and reading. We want to assist students in acquiring the knowledge they need to be successful in the college and career fields that they will encounter in the future. We hope to utilize our interns as positive role models for our students to show them what they are able to accomplish and how they can be successful in the world outside of school.