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Community Engagement Programs

Academic Tutor/Program Assistant

Crossroads Church


Crossroads is committed to making life better for all in our neighborhoods, community and the world.



About the Internship

  • Supervising students in group and individual work
  • Working with studetns in a wide range of educational activities (i.e. homework help, tutoring, sports, table games, computer work
  • Helping students to cope with daily social interactions
  • Helping students develop appropriate social behaviors and study skills
  • Mediating conflicts presented by younger students
  • Assist with teaching and administrative work as necessary
  • Assist with community engagemnt and development work as interest/needs arise 
Population Served:

The population this internship will directly serve are those students within the J.O.Combs Unified School District site boundarties at the elementary and high school grade levels.  We serve the students and their parents, teachers/educators at our K-6 and 9-12 sites. 

Community Need:

Academic Support/Homework Help, Computers/Technology, Math, Science, Social Studies, English, Mentor Support, orgnaizational development and planning. 

Community Impact:

Interns will have a postive impact on the population in that they will:

  • Support student academic achievement
  • Develop interest in learning 
  • Change potentially negative or conflictual situations into positive outcomes
  • Support teachers and school administrators