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Community Engagement Programs

Community Programs Assistant

Salvation Army Kroc Corps and Community Center


In keeping with the mission of The Salvation Army, Ray and Jan Kroc Corps and Community Centers provide facilities, programs, and services that encourage positive, life-changing experiences for people more



About the Internship


Choose from 6 positions that enhance the lives of individuals and families in south Phoenix. No matter what you choose, we are confident that you'll find your time interning here rewarding, both personally and professionally.

A great thing about interning at the Kroc is how many options there are! The Kroc Center is open from 5:30am-9pm on weekdays, and from 8am-8pm on Saturdays. Throughout summer, we're open from 1pm-6pm on Sundays, and of course, everyone is welcome to attend Church at the Kroc on Sunday mornings at 11am.

Our schedule allows a great deal of flexibility. Interns on virtually any schedule can come in, serve and make a significant impact during their time spent here. We encourage you to check out our website,, to explore programs that suit your interests, skill-set and availability. If you see some options you'd like to discuss, but aren't sure which position it would fall under below, let us know and we'd be happy to assist you in the process.

See below for more information on our ASU USL Internships:

YOUTH ACTIVITIES ASSISTANT (3-17 year-olds) - Fall, Spring, Summer
Collaborate with Kroc staff and volunteers in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of programs, events and classes, for youth between 3-17 years old. You will take on a mentored, hands-on role in expanding programming for our community. If you have a particular age group in mind (i.e. 3-5 year-olds, teens, etc), let us know and we will see which programs would be the best fit for you! Regardless of the program you assist with, you will have the opportunity to work with diverse youth of all ages while develop skills in program planning, lesson planning, activity facilitation, event coordination, and customer service. This opportunity would be practical experience for interns pursuing careers in education, recreation, hospitality, events and tourism.

Examples of programming that you may plan and facilitate are Ping-Pong tournaments in our Game Room, a Minecraft-themed programming class in our Computer Lab, an activity for teens during our 'Teen Lounge' program, a class for our Kroc Tot Explorers (3-5 year olds), or one of our larger community events, like our Egg Hunt, Back-to-School Bash, or Kroctober.

GAME ROOM ATTENDANT (6-18 year-olds) - Fall, Spring, Summer
Our Game Room provides a safe place for youth to bond and relax. Equipped with Wii, pool, bumper pool, air hockey, a plethora of board games and charging stations, this room provides everything a child or teen needs to stay connected. You will engage our members and guests in activities, while also supervising for their safety. This may include playing board games, helping with homework, or just even having positive, mentoring conversations with them.

You will help to lead and facilitate Calais' Kroc Stars, our premiere after-school program. You'll have the opportunity to lead games, plan and facilitate lessons, and be a mentor to youth in grades K-8th. Calais' Kroc Stars is funded by the Charles Richard Campbell Foundation, overseen by Arizona Cardinals player Calais Campbell and his family. We've partnered to offer youth in south Phoenix the opportunity to explore careers, prepare for college and develop financial literacy, while building their self-esteem and capacity for leadership. We share Calais' passion for empowering youth to take charge of their future! If you share this passion, come mentor with us!

*Due to the nature of our program, and children's needs for structure and reliability of the adults mentoring them, it is highly preferred that you be available for at least one full program shift per week (that is, at least one day for the full shift listed). Though the hours of this program vary upon participating schools' hours of operation, the typical 'shift' for volunteers and staff is from 2:30pm-6pm. We find spending an entire afternoon at least once a week helps our students feel more comfortable and connected, allowing them to develop those positive relationships. If your availability doesn't allow for this, but you are still interested, still contact us and we'll see what we can work out.

GYM ATTENDANT (Ages 12+) - Summer
Our gym has three full size NBA courts and always has at least one court open to the public. You will monitor gym play and initiate games with members,  e.g. soccer, basketball, kickball, with energy and enthusiasm! If you love sports and you love kids, this would be a great fit.

DAY CAMP ASSISTANT (1st-8th grade) - Summer
Need to complete a summer internship? Do you love kids?! Any skill, interest or major you have could be great for our Camp Kroc program! In fact, your specific skills and interests may just allow you to connect to a certain camper that has those same interests and skills! We're looking for energetic individuals that feel comfortable teaching and leading a wide variety of activities. We're especially interested in hiring interns to lead programming in the tealms of sports, fine arts, performing arts, crafts, and character development (i.e. conflict resolution, making friends, disagreeing respectfully, etc). Depending on the time of you day you volunteer, your responsibilities may including the follow:

  • Assist with daily camper sign-in or sign-out
  • Assist with facilitation of breakfast or lunch, including the creation and/or implementation of curriculum, singing of camp songs, or performance of skits during this time
  • Assist with preparation for or facilitation of our activity rotations, which may include programming for computer lab, library, game room, rock wall, aquatics center, gym, theater, music, fine arts and/or crafts.
  • Assist with supervision of children between the ages of 5-14 in assigned camper group
  • Assist with supervision of children on weekly field trips
  • Get to know each child individually
  • Ensure each child under your care has the best summer ever at Camp Kroc!

CIT ASSISTANT (9th-10th grade) - Summer
Starting summer of 2017, the Kroc is piloting a CIT (Counser-in-Training) program. This provides an awesome opportunity for teens to gain invaluable skills such as collaboration, innovation, public speaking, teaching and activity facilitation. These teens participate in lessons centered on leadership training, personal discovery and strength development, while learning about different careers in education, coaching, recreation and youth development (while other careers are also discussed, we primarily focus on careers that focus on work with youth). In addition to our leadership curriculum, CITs enjoy two field trips per week, extra independence, and access to the amenities at the Kroc. If selected as an aide for this program, you will assist in the development and facilitation of this curriculum, along with generally supervising kids for their safety, and being a constant, positive role model. You will teach teens how to market the skills they're learning for future career and academic opportunities, and will generally act as a counselor and mentor.

MINI CAMP AIDE (Pre-K, ages 3-5) Summer
At Mini Camp, our littlest campers get to enjoy all of the fun of Camp Kroc, at a smaller scale more suitable for them. This program models after a preschool, with more intentional and themed programming. If selected as a Mini Camp Aide, you will assist with the planning and facilitation of activities for Pre-K students, infusing early literacy and early childhood education into purposeful play.

All interns must submit a completed volunteer application, which includes submission to a criminal, federal background check at no cost to the intern (a Driver's License or State ID is required for the background check), along with contact information for at least two references. Background check clearance and successful reference checks are required before interns can start. 

If you are interested in interning at the Kroc, contact Chelsea.Johnson at (602) 425-5006, or via e-mail at to discuss internship options.

We look forward to serving with you!

Population Served:

The Salvation Army Ray & Joan Kroc Center presents opportunities in a state-of-the-art facility, in the vibrant and diverse south Phoenix area. Our programs aim to foster opportunities for personal discovery, growth and service through the arts, education, recreation, wellness and spiritual guidance. All programming is designed to meet the needs of the mind, body and spirit. We welcome and encourages individuals and families from all socioecomonic backgrounds to enjoy the center, by offering a variety of programs and services for wherever people are in their life. We do serve a large population of families from low-income households, many living well below the poverty line.

Many of our members are able to enjoy the Kroc Center due to scholarships provided due to grants and fundraising, and most of the families and individuals that utilize the Kroc Center live within a five-mile radius of South Mountain. Many are single mothers with young children. We also serve a large population of undocumented youth ages 3-18 yrs who are left without adult supervision during after-school and evening hours, as well as youth from family shelters and group homes.

Community Need:

The Salvation Army Ray & Joan Kroc Center provides youth with positive choices of where to be when not in school. By providing programming to keep kids active, we are working together to curb the staggering rate of childhood obesity. By providing a place for children to be, youth are safe from what may be an abusive or neglectful household. By providing tutoring and academic help, are helping children that would otherwise not have assistance, due to the lack of resources in the local school districts.By providing engaging, family programming, we help promote positive family interactions, and provide opportunities for bonding and recreation that families may not otherwise be able to afford. The computer lab provides access to computers and the internet to the many who do not have access at home.

No matter what your specific programming interests are, we will be able to work together to provide something that our members and guests will not be able to find in the community of south Phoenix, and that is an amazing thing to be a part of.

Community Impact:

Our mission statement for the Kroc Center is as follows, 'To build a community of hope by providing opportunties for personal discovery, growth and service through the arts, education, recreation, wellness and spiritual guidance." We aim to do just that. By providing a varied array of activies and programs, members can nurture their personal interests, and possibly discover new ones they may have never known they would have. We give them opportunities to grow and make mistakes in a safe environment, surrounded by adults that truly care for their well-being. The future impact of this is a generation of confident, empowered and skilled individuals that will impact the community of South Phoenix positively to achieve great things. The current impact is kids with hope for a brighter future, which spread through their families, and then throughout the community. As stated in our mission statement, we're here to build a community of hope.