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Enhancing the experiences of life for people of all ages by managing Life Enrichment centers, a child development center and providing home services to the elderly



About the Internship


Help provide personlized care to adults (25-96) with physical or mental challenges at our Adult Day Centers. The adults served have diverse needs, diagnoses, and capabilities. We provide "person directed care" for each individual and provide peace of mind to all members of the family. Caregiver issues, support groups, trainings and discussions are additional service opportunites for families served. Choose the location that is most convenient and best fits your interests and skillset!

Experience the Peoria Adult Day Center which cares for people of diverse ages (25-96) who also have diverse needs, diagnoses and capabilities. The trained, professional staff need assistance in providing "personalized care" by motivating participants to be physically, mentally and socially active.  Each day offers something different; musical sing-a-longs, crafts, cooking demonstrations or games. Support groups, trainings, discussions are also provided as additional service opportunities for families served.

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about Alzheimer's and dementia by providing assistance at our Memory Care Adult Day Center. Each day our professionally trained staff use "personalized care" to provide the motivation to the participants to stay physically, mentally and socially active. Each day offers something different; dancing, bowling, puzzles or reading life storybooks.

Student will be working within the Adult Day Program at the Sun City Restorative Adult Day Center with seniors with Dementia, Alzhiemers, Stroke, and Parkinsons Disease conducting fun and engaging activities with the members of our prorgrams.


Population Served:

As the population in the west valley is growing older, we provide personalized care in our adult day centers to adults with special needs, aged 25 and above. The Sun City locations specifically target the elder population suffering from stroke, Parkinsons, Dementia and Alzheimers.  This also enables the caregiver to receive a much needed break and maintain their own health and well being.

Community Need:

Individuals with physical or mental challenges attend our adult day centers for social engagement with otheand purposeful activities.  For every person enrolled in our adult day programs, two people get their lives back--the participant and the caregiver. 

Community Impact:

By cultivating caring communities, our dedicated staff and volunteers make a difference every day in the lives of those we touch. Adult day programs provide peace of mind to family members that attend our day centers and to their caregivers.  By caring for the people in our community, we are assisting them to age gracefully, reinforcing the dignity of each individual. This internship also allows students to learn more about the diseases with the elder population and will also allow the seniors to work with students and learn from them.