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Community Engagement Programs

Adult Special Education Music Therapy

The Opportunity Tree


To provide quality individualized supports to people with intellectual or developmental disabilities in dynamic and innovative environments.



About the Internship


AFH is looking for individuals who are passionate about working with a special needs population to assist in a music program for our members. We are hoping that our program can provide a much needed creative outlet for our members to express their emotions through a creative outlet. We are looking for individuals who have an interest in music so that our program introduces our members to new instruments, genres and to help them discover their own musical talent. The intern would work with our creative arts director to implement the cirriculum with our members

Population Served:

Special needs adults ranging from 18-60+

Community Need:

Many programs for special needs adults are mostly related to caretaking and focus little on education. AFH is working on developing a program that would help our members grow their personal and professional skills as well as creating new experiences for our members to participate in. 

Community Impact:

Special needs adults are a hugely underserved population in our community. By participating in an internship at AFH our members will experience new opportunities for social growth as well as exploring hidden talents in themselves. An intern at AFH will get the chance to personally make the difference in the lives of 40 or more members at AFH.