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Community Engagement Programs

After-School Academy

Washington Elementary School District


The Washington Elementary School District is committed to achieving excellence for every child, every day, every opportunity. Our mission is student achievement, preparing all students to become more



About the Internship


Do you want to be a hero to a student? Join us in our quest to help every child realize their potential.  Placements are available in the award winning After-school Academy two days a week for nine weeks for 40+ hours. Additional hours can be arranged through the district office or school of placement to meet intern requirements. ASU interns will provide instruction to a group of seven to ten students utilizing the After-school Academy instructional plan, intervention resources and curricular materials. Participating students are in need of academic support in either math or reading. Each week interns will also have the opportunity to lead activities promoting positive youth development. A highly qualified WESD teacher will provide supervision and help guide interns in this important work.

About 2 weeks prior to the start of service, fingerprinting is completed and a Welcome Orientation will be provided by the WESD Academic Support Programs. This training will provide an overview of specific after school curricular materials and the design and expectations of the after school classroom.  In addition, interns will be invited to meet with their assigned lead teacher during the opening week of the program.

Population Served:

Students in kindergarten through eighth grade in need of academic intervention in reading or math.

Community Need:

The Washington Elementary School District is proud to serve a diverse population in north central Phoenix and east Glendale. We are the largest elementary school district in Arizona, serving over 24,000 students in kindergarten through 8th grade at 32 schools.  The student population includes the following ethnicity groups: 53% Hispanic, 28% White, 8% Black, 3% Asian, 4% multi-racial, and 4% American Indian.  Our attendance area has one of the highest concentrations of poverty in the state with over 77% of our students receiving free or reduced lunch (this indicates a high level of poverty).

We have limited resources to meet the diverse needs of our students and families.  Our students need purposeful academic interventions and skill-building through high quality after-school classes and time with a caring adult to get additional instruction and practice.  When our students do not have access to after-school programs and are left unsupervised, they are more likely to receive poor grades, drop out of school, and engage in high risk behaviors. Our struggling students also fall behind, disengage from school and lose their confidence as a learner. For students who need extra support to be successful academically, what happens before and after-school can be as important as what happens during the school day.

The WESD After-school Academy needs energetic and committed individuals to provide after school instruction in math or reading intervention for targeted students at Title I schools.  Participating students have been identified for after school intervention support based on student data, teacher feedback and principal recommendation.

This placement offers interns an opportunity to provide direct instruction to students and gain knowledge and skills from experienced, hands-on teachers.  Most importantly, interns have the chance to be a mentor to child and inspire the learner from within.

Community Impact:

Interns have the opportunity to lead the same group of seven to ten students. Experienced, highly qualified WESD teachers will work along side interns to develop instructional skills as well as meet to plan lessons, analyze student data and provide feedback.  Each intern will receive professional development, curriculum training and a superhero t-shirt.This placement can provide 40+ hours during the semester. An additional hours can be arranged through the district office or school of placement to meet intern requirements.

Our theme is Academic Avengers where we seek to unmask the hero in every child. Bring your super powers!  Avengers unite!