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Community Engagement Programs

Arts and Educational Programs Assistant

South Pointe High School


We nurture our students academically, behaviorally, and emotionally to serve as productive and inspiring community members and leaders of positive character.



About the Internship


The prospective student will work with the arts and various educational programs at our school. Specifically, we are looking for students who are interested in working on various community and school arts related engagement activities. Our school has a commitment to a diversified arts education and we would love to have you be a part of our exemplary program! Examples of service tasks related to this internship may include:


  • Assisting students in completing a painted wall mural that represents our school community and the surrounding community.
  • Engaging community and cultural aspects within the arts to support student learning.
  • Support students in their development of performance arts activities such as theatre, dance, spoken word/rap, and music performance.
  • Help develop an arts related “showcase” that invites the community to view the student arts performances and artwork. Additionally, we are an engaged community looking to serve the various educational needs of our student population such as increasing literacy. We are open and excited to see what you can offer our student population and how our students can become agents for change in the greater community.
Population Served:

We are a Title I High School in south Phoenix and serve around 750 students. South Pointe High School serves a diverse population of students.

Community Need:

Our students need to be connected to the community in a positive way. Additionally, our students in some cases may come from difficult situations at home or in life and need encouragement that they can be empowered to share their “voice.” 

Community Impact:

Our interns will help support our students to find their way of assisting their community using their talents.