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Community Engagement Programs

Assistant (wildlife)

Liberty Wildlife


Liberty Wildlife nurtures the nature of Arizona - answering the community’s need for quality wildlife rehabilitation, environmental education and conservation consultation services.



About the Internship


Students have the opportunity to have three experiences at Liberty Wildlife. Their direct experience requirement will include working directly with the public either on our Hotline or by handling the intake window, accepting animals from the public and logging them into the system. The indirect experience will be working with animals at the facility.  

Specifically, on the Hotline, interns work from home and return calls from the public, educating them about native Arizona animals, talk with them about options, and work out a rescue for the animal where appropriate. At the facility, in addition to the direct experience at the intake window,  interns may be working with one of two teams depending on the time of year and vacancies for their indirect experience.  

  1. Orphan Care occurs April - August.  Volunteers work with baby birds feeding.
  2. Daily Care is a year round, experience with wild animals.

Both jobs will include cleaning, feeding, working in a team enviornment with volunteers, following instructions, learning diets and general maintence.  Because of the required training to work on the Hotline and at the facility, we accept interns needing at least 70 hours to complete course requirements.


Population Served:

Liberty Wildlife takes in over 6,000 injured, ill or orphaned wild animals each year which allows us to help educate and engage the community on the importance of sustainability, preserving wildlife and being good wildlife stewads..    

Community Need:

Liberty Wildlife aids the community by providing medical care for wildlife injured often by interactions with humanity.  We rely completely on volunteers, so students who intern in our volunteer program will be contributing to our mission in a concrete and meaningful way.  We couldn't do the work we do without the help of over 300 volunteers who assist us. Our outreach programs include over 800 school and public events each year throughout Arizona.  Interns are expected to attend one event program each month they are with us.  They will assist the Liberty Wildlife Education Team by helping set up the venue, speaking directly with the public about Liberty's mission and in encouraging public participation in volunteering and making donations.

Community Impact:

The interns that commit their time at Liberty Wildlife will work on the Hotline where they will be the first responders to an animal emergency and will need to communicate to an anxious member of the public in need of advice and council on steps to take to save an animal.  At the facility, the intern will assist the public at the intake window, answering questions about Liberty or the animal and as a team member, will provide  the daily care that our rehabilitating animals require to get well and go back into the wild.  They will  visit each enclosure and provide food and fresh water.  They look in on the animals and make sure that they are continuing to improve.  They may feed baby orphans on a shift between 7 am and 7 pm, ensuring that the songbirds that control insects and enrich our lives will continue to thrive in the community.