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Community Engagement Programs

ASU Prep Tempe Service Learning Director

ASU Preparatory Academy


ASU Preparatory Academy provides personalized, university embedded academic programs that empower students to complete college, excel in a global society and contribute to their communities.



About the Internship


ASU Prep Tempe High School is a small school with approximately 75 students, located at Kyrene and Guadalupe roads in Tempe. We are looking for our intern to help lead a group of 5 to 15 in service learning opportunities throughout the semester or possibly the school year. We want to teach our students the act of giving back to their local community and serving others out of love and respect for the common good. The intern will meet with the students to help give the students agency in determining the community need in which we want to serve.

Population Served:

The population is very diverse, both socioeconomically and ethnically.

Community Need:

The community need will be derived through the relationship between the intern and the group of students joining the club. The students have ideas in the areas of homelessness, assisting the local poor, and environmental issues.

Community Impact:

The intern will not only lead a small group of high school students and help instill character values, trust, and an appreciation for serving, but also help lead these students to serve the local community in a local problem. Whether that is reading program for elementary students or supporting other local non-profits with homelessness, the intern will help better our local community and create capacity for our students to do the same.