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Community Engagement Programs

AVID Tutor

Kyrene School District


Kyrene School District will commit to student success for all, by providing engaging, challenging educational environments which promote and inspire passion for learning, leading, and achieving more


About the Internship


• Lead subject-specific study groups
• Provide academic support to students in order to ensure success in rigorous coursework
• Participate in AVID training on program methodologies
• Provide direct instruction under the site coordinator’s supervision
• Act as a role model for AVID students
• Visit content classrooms to observe and assist AVID students
• Inform coordinator of student progress
• Assist organization and participate at functions and in activities
• Advocate for AVID among peers in order to build a pool of tutors

Population Served:

Interns (i.e., AVID Tutors) will be directly serving a wide ranging population of students in Phoenix, Tempe and Chandler. Many students in the AVID program join the district through our open enrollment policy, which attracts students from low-income neighborhoods in south Phoenix, Guadalupe, Tempe and Maricopa.

Community Need:

The internship will service students that need additional help in specific subject areas. Unfortunately, many of our minority students do not not fully access Kyrene's learning environments. In fact, roughly 60% of all minority students in the district are not proficient in Math and English Language Arts (ELA), as measured by the state assessment (AzMerit). The achievement gap between minority students and White students remains a chronic disparity. Additionally, out-of-boundary students, a large proportion of which are minority students from low-income neighborhoods, now constitute 30% of total enrollment, reinforcing the fact that educational equity and excellence is an immediate and fundamental challenge to be addressed. Therefore, Kyrene’s objective is clear: improve outcomes for ALL students, providing targeted, differentiated and intensive support to minority students.

Community Impact:

The AVID program targets students who are traditionally underrepresented in higher education. The AVID program improves teaching skills and behaviors for academic success, builds strong student/teacher relationships, creates a positive peer group for students, and develops a sense of hope for personal achievement gained through hard work and determination. Most critically, AVID is an evidence-based program with considerable external research demonstrating that low-income, minority students participating in AVID have significantly higher academic outcomes than their peers not participating in the program, as well as attend and complete college at higher rates. AVID Tutors will support all aspects of the program, thereby supporting students who are underrepresented in college prepare for and be accepted to college.