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Community Engagement Programs

Classroom Assistant

Hablar Para Integrar (HA.P.I)


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About the Internship


Join us in the classroom and grow with us! We are looking for SHARP, RIGOROUS & CREATIVE USL INTERNS! This is a HANDS-ON internship with a DIRECT, visible impact within your local community.

You will train in a unique method in which personal connection and immediate action are the driving force. Your main role will be to support our enthusiastic HA.P.I teachers with administrative tasks so they can fully focus on teaching. Your duties will include:
- taking attendance
- collecting and handing-out homework
- communicating with the class leader about student absences
- monitoring the class as a whole and detecting students who may have difficulty during a lesson
- guiding and reassuring students who need extra support and bringing them to the Help Desk
- follow-through and tracking struggling students to help prevent drop-outs
- assisting with classroom and work space set-ups / clean-ups and hanging signs
- helping to distribute flyers and hanging posters during student & staff recruitment
- assisting, guiding and ushering students during special events, such as Registration Day, Graduation and Class Photo Day

Population Served:

HA.P.I is an intensive educational and cultural integration program specifically designed for non-English speaking, low-income, low-education Latino adults in Arizona.

Community Need:

Because of the language, income and education barriers, our population is:
- economically marginalized as they only qualify for the lowest paying jobs - those that don’t require English - which prevents them from adequately providing for their families
- unable to be involved in their children’s education because they cannot help with homework or communicate with their children’s teachers
- struggling with parental authority as they are unaware of what their English-speaking children read, write, watch and listen to and cannot monitor their interactions with other children and adults
- socially marginalized as they remain in their limited, Spanish-speaking community, preventing integration into the Arizona community
- 100% dependent in any daily life interactions on their English-speaking children or translators (for ex: at doctor’s office, parent-teacher conferences, legal situations, etc.)

Community Impact:

HA.P.I's unique integration method enables students to break down barriers and experience a significant transformation as they rapidly learn to:
- communicate directly with supervisors, co-workers and customers, allowing them to get better jobs and higher pay, moving them out of poverty, giving them access to safer neighborhoods, higher quality nutrition, healthcare and education for their families
- communicate with teachers, help with homework and fully participate in their children’s education
- regain their parental authority, strengthening the cohesive family unit
- develop a sense of belonging and participate in their neighborhood activities and schools, as a first step to wider civic engagement
- reclaim their independence as adults enabling them to freely interact in English, and become self-sufficient