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Community Engagement Programs

Classroom Support/Development

EAGLE College Prep: Phoenix South


The mission of EAGLE College Prep is to develop serving leaders by providing a rigorous college prep learning community where we work together toward the pursuit of academic excellence and positive more


About the Internship


Support a positive, achievement-oriented and structured learning environment so that students are excited about and invested in pursuing academic excellence. Opportunities for classroom support, as well as PR/Fundraising (Development) are available.


  • Hold students to extremely high academic and behavioral standards
  • Support students through one-on-one or small group tutoring
  • Assist teacher in maintaining on-task behavior in the classroom by consistently complimenting, checking for understanding and refocusing students using school wide behavior intervention strategies
  • Support students on educational technology – helping with log in and computer usage, reinforcing procedures, answering questions and monitoring student activity
  • Provide assistance in lesson preparation (making copies, gathering materials, passing out supplies, etc.)
  • Monitor students during lunch, recess, arrival and dismissal


  • Help create and distribute marketing materials
  • Develop, execute and volunteer at fundraising events
  • Contribute to the research and writing of grants
  • Use innovation and creativity to assist with enrollment efforts
  • Support office manager with filing student records, calling parents, and triaging students who need assistance in the office
  • Monitor students during lunch, recess, arrival and dismissal
Population Served:
  • Harmony is a Title I school with a little more than 80%  of students qualify for free and reduced lunch
  • Large population of English Language Learners
Community Need:
  • Our community needs people who are committed to helping students to understand the importance of education and reach their full potential.
  • Education is the power that can help children break the cycle of poverty within their families. We are always looking for opportunities to better serve our students and provide them an excellent education
Community Impact:
  • Serving a population in critical need
  • Impacting the future of our economy and our nation by supporting the next generation of community leaders