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Community Engagement Programs

Classroom Support Team - Multiple Roles

Million Dollar Teacher Project


To elevate the teaching profession by increasing teacher compensation, support and recognition.



About the Internship


Be part of a collaborative team to create classroom impact strategies and intervention that are data-driven, student focused and real-time. If you want to be a part of innovating classrooms in Arizona, this internship is a fit for you. There are 4 possible internship roles. Studies show that student achievement grows greatly when there are more caring adults involved. Reach out to us today to discuss which role is right for you!
• The Tech Integration Specialist helps the classroom better utilize current technology, introduce new technology and collect data.
• The Parent Engagement Specialist helps the classroom better engage partners, create volunteer opportunities for parents in the classroom and maintain communications between parents and the classroom.
• The Teaching Assistant Intern works with students one-on-one and in strategic group settings in a classroom.
• The Student Teacher Intern assists in all aspects of the daily instructional program of all students and must be aware that student teaching is a primary responsibility, and that attendance and preparation should reflect the seriousness of this responsibility.

The Million Dollar Teacher Project is a non-profit organization that’s mission is to empower teachers. Beginning with recognition and support, our long-term objective is to raise compensation for teachers. At MDTP we believe that “to create amazing students, we need amazing teachers” and we want to be a driving force behind supporting and retaining great educators. We are seeking hardworking, passionate interns who are looking to grow and develop both personally and professionally, all while making an impact on their community.
• Encourage and monitor the progress of individual students
• Manage parent communications in the classroom by establishing and enforcing consistent systems
• Maintain discipline in accordance with the rules and disciplinary systems of the school
• Participate in extracurricular activities such as social activities “Meet the Team (Teacher) Day”, “Parent
Team (Teacher) Conferences
• Participate in department and school meetings, parent meetings
• Keep updated with developments in subject area, teaching resources and methods and make relevant suggestions to instructional plans and activities
• Suggest parent resources for use in the classroom
• Data Management
• Participate in lesson planning, curriculum development and classroom management
• Other duties as assigned
Benefits and Opportunities
• Get to know students before student teaching
• Opportunity to learn family engagement strategies
• Grow with a campus
• Know your mentor teacher
• Internship can count towards Service-Learning, Community Service, Practicum, Field Experience, Observation, Internship Hours or class credit where applicable
• Opportunity to grow on the campus and school learn different aspects of education
• Participate in weekly and monthly meetings on site
• Flexible schedule opportunities (6 - 10 hours a week)
• Possess a good attitude, hard work ethic, and a passion for helping teachers and education
• Must have or obtain a Fingerprint clearance card
• Maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA
• All majors welcome
• Assist in different aspects of classroom management
• Internship begins September 1st. and ends March 31st
• Must be at least 18 years of age to apply

Population Served:

Title I Public Schools, 8 - 13 years old

Community Need:

The current classroom model is not putting teachers or students in the position for optimum success. We believe the Classroom Support Team approach will produce greater results. We are ultimately attempting to propose a new way to deliver instruction: to take the current “one size fits all” approach with the teacher standing in front of a class of students and lecturing and transform that to a more student-focused approach by surrounding the teacher with a team.

Community Impact:

The impact of this model will come from us proving the validity of the model on student achievement. The aim of the pilot is to collect student achievement data in relation to the approach to assess the impact. If proven successful we would look to replicate the model in another school or in the same school for another year to compare results.
We hope to have a positive impact on the education of our children for the betterment of our community through the fostering the development of future productive and fulfilled adult citizens