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Community Engagement Programs

Teen / Child Mentor (Compadre)

Boys & Girls Clubs of the East Valley


Boys & Girls Clubs of the East Valley is a community based, character building youth development organization. We deliver the highest quality programs and provide opportunities to assist youth and more



About the Internship


Work with 5-18 year-olds in Athletics/Recreation, Tech Club (science, tech, engineering, art, math), or Teen Programs (field trips, Club to College, health, art education, leadership, etc). Choose the program and age group that best suits your interests and skillset!


  • Work with members to develop project idea's (STEAM based)  Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math )
  • Encourage exploration, learn alongside members
  • Work with members to make project idea's and encourage members to finish projects
  • Troubleshoot with members on computers
  • Teach members to help maintain room/Computers
  • Provide administrative support for the Clubhouse program, including recordkeeping, and reports.

ATHLETICS & RECREATION (5-18 year-olds)
Assist with sports and recreational activities, as well healty lifestyle programming. Responsibilities include:

  • coaching
  • set up & clean up of sporting events
  • Soliciting donations or sponsorships
  • Conducting athletic programs
  • Conducting Healty Lifestyle Programs.

FALL SEMESTER: Flag Football season and Soccer for Success program
SPRING SEMESTER: Basketball Leagues and Soccer for Success
SUMMER: Basketball League and Teen Volleyball

  • Up to 2 practices a week
  • 1 Game a week
  • 5 - 10 Direct hours per week +3 indirect hours per week
  • or Referees for Games (must have experience with organized football to Ref.)

TEEN PROGRAMS (13-18 year-olds)
In collaboration with ASU and Boys & Girls Club professionals, you will design curriculum, lead workshops, and facilitate activities and field trips for the kids.  You will also play an integral role in the leadership of Club to College, a registered student organization at ASU. In addition students will assist in managing, creating, and implementing programs for teens in the areas of healthy lifestyles, art education, leadership, workforce development and overall mentoring. There is a lot of project work, too, such as coordinating field trips, planning the annual alternative spring break, developing marketing, and creating training modules.

Population Served:

The teens and youth served are from the surrounding community and are predominantly Latino/Latina (over 60%); ages range from 5-18. 

Community Need:

INTEL CLUBHOUSE: Our Clubhouse serves an average of 240 members a day, in an area of Chandler that is underserved. Exposing our members to new technology will give our members opportunities they may not get otherwise, while exposing them to possible STEM careers. We also have the opportunity expose a variety of age ranges because of BGCEV follows a rotation schedule which allows for all members in grades K-12 the opportunity to be exposed to the Intel Computer Clubhouse.

ATHELTICS & RECREATION: Gives disadvantaged youth a chance to participate in sports that would otherwise be unaffordable and allow them to experience sports at an early age!

TEEN PROGRAMS: The community served has a low percentage of students, especially Latinos/Latinas, who attend and ultimately graduate from high school, college.  Our aim is to educate parents and students of the life-long value (financially and otherwise) of a high school diploma and college degree.  It is the long-term goal of the program to expand beyond one Boys and Girls Club.  

Community Impact:

ASU students will serve as mentors and role models to the children at the Boys and Girls Club. They will be teacher-leaders who will increase the level of physical activity, health awareness and social internactions; encourage kids to explore technology in creative ways; and inspire kids to go to college, lead healthy lifestyles, participate in art programming as well as share first-hand knowledge of what it takes to succeed in college.  Also, the ASU students will learn from the experience and that knowledge will be transferred to other environments at ASU and beyond.