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Community Engagement Programs

Coaching and Mentoring Student Athletes

Champion Schools


Champion Schools is dedicated to fostering academic excellence through the integration of accelerated content rich curriculum, using powerful and diverse instructional techniques encouraging critical more


About the Internship


Coach and mentor diverse K-8th grade students. Duties include:

  • Supervising students to organize, set up and maintain equipment.
  • Drafting and team selection
  • implementing practice drills
  • refereeing scrimmages
  • communcating effectively and developing realtionships with students, teachers and parents.

You will serve the following sport divisions:

  • FALL Sports:
    K-1st Soccer, 2-3rd Soccer, 4-8th Soccer,
    4-8th Football,
    5-8th Varsity Volleyball,
    5-8th Varsity Football
  • WINTER Sports:
    K-3rd Kickball, 4-8th Kickball
    2-3rd Basketball, 4-8th Basketball
    5-8th Varsity Boys Basketball
  • SPRING Sports:
    5-8th Varsity CO-ED Soccer,
    5-8th Varsity Track,
    5-8th Varsity Girls Basketball
  • SUMMER Sports:
    5-8th Varsity 7 on 7 Football passing league,
    5-8th Varsity Boys and Girls Basketball


Population Served:

Champion Schools serves a diverse, Kindergarten through 8th grade low income student population in the South Mountain neighborhood. 

Community Need:

Our students need role models and encouragement from Mentor/Coaches to develop life skills that include fitness, nutrirtion and healthy lifestyle. Many have unique and highly challenging aspects in their homelife. Being involved in sport activities outside of school allow them to develop self discipline, teamwork, a strong work ethic, and a passion for excellence. 

Community Impact:

Interns at Champion Schools have contributed greatly to uplifting  our school community. They bring enthusiam, vibrancy and strong traditional values to our students. Our interns have inspired our students to be succesful and have contributed to our acheiving an A rating and Charter School of the Year 2014.