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Community Engagement Programs

Meal Delivery/Community Liaison

Meals on Wheels San Diego County


Support the independence and well being of seniors.



About the Internship


Our office is a fast-paced work environment. 

  1. Intern learns to deliver meals to seniors, 60 years of age or older; 
  2. helps distribute and explain public health information to seniors;
  3. conducts surveys;
  4. attends senior health fairs;
  5. attends special community events, such as Champions of Meals, escorting government officials to visit homebound seniors, or celebrating client's 100th birthday at home; 
  6. assists with fundraising needs; 
Population Served:

 Interns may be exposed to seniors (60 and older) and volunteers of various demographic backgrounds.

Community Need:


  1. To bring nutritious meals to seniors, which helps support the independence and well being of seniors.
  2. To help bring socialization to homebound seniors, and to help prevent isolations that may cause depression among seniors;

  3. To keep seniors informed with important information;


Community Impact:

Seniors love to interact with young students. The involvement of college interns demonstrate that seniors are appreciated  by younger generations.