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Community Engagement Programs

Community Development

Somali Association of Arizona


Somalia Association of Arizona is dedicated to provide all necessary services to help Somali people to live and work in state of Arizona. SAA is here to provide information and education to help more


About the Internship


Help Somali refugees resettle in state of Arizona through tutoring, ESL, social services, etc.:

  • Helping complete housing, DES or job applications. 
  • Tutoring
  • Teaching English.
  • Promoting civil rights, safety and self responsibilities 
  • Promoting community empowerment through civic participation
  • Empowering our youth through educations, sport and recreation
  • Teaching Somalia culture to agencies and other communities
  • Empowering our Somali mothers and women through training and education
Population Served:

Somali Association of Arizona services about 3400 Somali members. Most of our members are new to America and most members live below the poverty line. Most of our members don’t have education background.  Our oldest members who have been with the community since 1992 are college graduated and business owners. They are about 15% of our population. Most of our members live in Maricopa County. Most of our newcomers live in west Phoenix around 19th Ave and Camelback. Our oldest members live in East Phoenix and that’s where Somali businesses are located.  

Community Need:

SAA offers English classes, American culture classes, and other resources that will help the newcomers to improve their new lives in the valley of the Sun. SAA makes sure to work with other communities, schools, government agencies and businesses to help understand the Somalia culture and Somalia people. SAA continues providing these services and helping the new refuges that are stopping in Arizona or staying to call Arizona home.  We are focused on working to provide basic assistancee and help to the newcomers and Somali Americans to find their voice and their dreams. 

Community Impact:

The intern will support and provide basic service like teaching English, completing applications and development projects. The intern will help us to create a safe environment for our newcomers to share experiences in American and help them to settle easily in their new country and community.