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Community Engagement Programs

Community Development Assistant

Arizona Neighborhood Transformation


Walking with communities to help them transform themselves out of poverty and closer to the love of God Vision:  We see all people as made in the image of God and possessing gifts and assets more



About the Internship


Help residents identify and develop community assests to strengthen their community through Asset Based Community Development (ABCD).  This will consist of:

1) Work with the community on listening, expanding the integration into the community and listening to the hopes, dreams, desires and assets of the community.  Right now, our major focus is on youth - reading, mentoring, education

2) Help the community to a round of asset - mapping.  This will help the community find its voice - what do people like about their community, what would they change and what skills / assets do they have that they are willing to contribute to make these changes happen.  What would they like to learn and to teach?  Build off the base of youth education

3) Based on this asset mapping, the person will help the community find interest groups of like minded people that want to work together to make the same thing happen, using their assets primarily.  The person will help the community form up to direct and execute this work.

4) Finally the person will help the community build executable projects around these community desires, using the community assets integrated with other assets from outside the community.  All under the direction of the community.   The person will help these projects execute to the willing of the community

5) all along, the persons main focus will be on listening to the community, helping them find their assets and then helping them make these assets work together to see their dreams come true.

Population Served:

GUADALUPE consists of about 5500 people on the east side of I10, between Elliot Road and Baseline Road; about 0.8 square miles.   51% of the community is Native American and 62% Hispanic (including Native American).  33% of the population lives below the poverty line (over twice the Arizona average of 15%).  Little business exists in the community (retail sales per capita are 25% of Arizona average).  Only half the adult population has high school education (compared with 85% for Arizona) and 5% of the adults have college degrees (compared with 26% of Arizona.

Community Need:

GUADALUPE is an under-served area with a long history of having government and nonprofit services applied to help.  We are focused on working with the people of Guadalupe and helping them find their voice, their dreams and their assets and assisting them to knit these dreams and assets into real solutions for their challenges.  These solutions would be owned by the community and be run for and by the community.  Transformation would be sustainable and would multiple through the community; individual to individual.

Community Impact:

The intern will play a major role in helping the community develop projects that use their assets to improve the safety and happiness of their community.  ABCD is about what the community people want to do and doing it primarily with the ssets that are in the community.  By using ABCD, the community learns they own the community and they can shape and direct what it becomes.  They become vested owners of the community, not victims of what "others" are doing to or for them.   They learn they can make their community a neighborhood they enjoy living in.