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Community Engagement Programs

Community Health Educator



Improving health and providing hope for families in the poorest communities of the world through sustainable disease prevention, education and treatment.


About the Internship


Choose ORAL HEALTH or NUTRITION & PHYSICAL ACTIVITY (Fall/Spring) programs for underserved adults & children (Oral, pre-K-11yo; Nutrition, 11-14yo). Teach preventive education workshops at community partner sites and local free/low-cost dental clinics, and perform community outreach to recruit more participants for these programs.

Esperança is looking for an individual who has a passion for community health and is interested in giving back to their local community. All training will be provided.


  • Must be fluent in Spanish to conduct adult Nutrition/Physical Activity classes.
  • Nutrition/Physical Activity programs availaible only for the FALL & SPRING semesters.
  • Oral Health programs available Fall, Spring & Summer semesters.
Population Served:

Esperanca works with the underserved communities in Phoenix, targeting the I-17 corridor. The majority of the population is Latino/a.

Community Need:

Since 1999, Esperança has been working in the Phoenix metropolitan area to provide underserved families with resources, health services, and preventative education. The areas that Esperança works in are all low income and often lack medical resources.

  • Esperança partners with free and reduced fee dental clinics to connect individuals with these resources.
  • Minority populations have been disproportionately affected by the obesity epidemic in the United States for a variety of reasons. Esperança provides community health education to underserved communities to reverse this trend.

Esperança brings hope, provides health and transforms communities for the world’s poor. Through our volunteer surgical program, clean water and sanitation, home building, food security and nutrition, disease prevention, education and treatment programs, we have helped millions of people in 14 countries, including the United States. We currently have projects in Bolivia, Nicaragua, and Mozambique in addition to Phoenix, Arizona.

Community Impact:
  • The 2014 Arizona Health Assessment notes that more than 54% percent of 3-year-old children have never visited a dentist. This has a huge impact on attendance and performance in school due to untreated oral decay. Interns have a chance to educate children and their parents of the importance of taking care of their teeth in the undersevered communities of Phoenix.
  • You will have the opportunity to have a positive impact on one of the greatest public health concerns affecting the country and on one of the most important health issues affecting young Arizonans: obesity and physical inactivity.