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Community Engagement Programs

Conservation Educator Intern

Phoenix Herpetological Society


Our mission is to "Promote conservation and preservation of native and non-native reptiles through education, rehabilitation, rescue, and relocation". more


About the Internship


Help Title I schools and schools serving people with disabilities access field trips where youth will learn about reptile conservation!

The duties at task are as listed below: 

-Transportation to multiple schools and facilities all around the valley

-Holding reptiles in front of the public (allowing animal interactions, so have to know how to work with the animal; each one is unique!)

-Reaching out to schools to schedule programs. Including scheduling field trips for Title 1 schools

-Answering questions from the public about our cause, and concerns they might have

-Being Venomous Snake Trained since rattlesnakes and other venomous animals will be transported (we will take care of the training course upon arrival of the intern, this does not mean they will be handling rattlesnakes, it is a just in case sort of thing!)

-Cleaning up after our demonstrations (putting animals away, cleaning out show boxes, etc.)

Population Served:

This internship contains a lot of significant direct service. All age groups will be reached (preschool to adult). Including less fortunate communities by interacting with Title 1 schools. Anyone who is willing to learn more about our cause and our amazing reptile friends!! This will help gain skills in speaking and keeping engagement to various age groups.

Community Need:

The community needs are simple: 

-Learning how to coexist with native wildlife (we offer desert safety programs and venomous snak trainings so people become less fearful of rattlesnakes)

-Educating the public about the horrors of invasive species from pets being released by irresponsible pet owners!

-Our main goal is to stop the spread and exploitation of various exotic reptile species in the black market trade

Community Impact:

The community impact will be very positive!! The student will get to expereince first hand the joys of having people touch their first snake for their first time, or answering young children's questions and changing their outlook on how they see a dangerous animal (usually a rattlesnake). 

We do not want people to be afraid. And by exposing people (any age) in a safe setting to these reptiles, they are not as fearful anymore towards them. They can learn to be more compassionate towards them.