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Community Engagement Programs

Crisis Response Program

Glendale Fire Department


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About the Internship


A crisis team of two responds with fire crews and police, assisting those who are experiencing a 9-1-1 emergency. An emergency could be a house fire, unexpected death of a loved one, a car accident, drowning, homicide, mental illness, assault or suicide to name a few examples. Once on-scene, the crisis team works with fire crews and/or police officers to provide citizens emotional support, resources, referrals to agencies or organizations, or transportation if needed. The CR program is an essential part of the Glendale Fire Department’s service to the citizens of Glendale and the West Valley.

There is no cost for this internship. However, interns are required to purchase navy pants, black belt and black shoes (no heels).

An intern’s roles within the CR program consist of staffing the CR van during shifts and assisting with office duties. Interns will work with either other interns or a volunteer during their shifts. During the shift, the intern and partner will be responsible for checking the van at the start of every shift and then wait to be dispatched to 9-1-1 emergencies. During calls, interns will document the calls; explaining what the calls were about and what support and resources were provided to those that required assistance.

In addition to staffing the CR vans, interns who are partnered with an MSW (Masters of Social Work) intern will be assigned follow-up customers to provide additional support beyond the initial 911 call. Intern supervision will occur during the intern’s shift; the exact time may vary due to calls during the shift. 

HOW TO APPLY: Please email: to have the "Observation Packet" emailed to you. After the documents are signed and returned to the CR staff, an observation ride will be scheduled. The ride is 12 hours long; starting at 7:30 AM and ending at 8 PM.

Population Served:

Any one who calls 911 for emergency assistance. 

Community Need:

The intern(s) will be assisting those who need 911 emergency assistance, which could be but not limited to transportation, emotional support, crisis intervention and more. 

Community Impact:

All interns will be taught crisis internvetion along with resouces in the community that will enable those experiencing 911 emergencies to learn how to function in their "new" world; an example would be contacting the Red Cross for a family that has experienced a house fire to they can have their medications replaced along with getting emergency shelter. 

By assisting those who are experiencing an emergency and connecting them with local agencies and resources, those affected can have some one there to assist them thus lowering the emotional impact of the call(s).