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Community Engagement Programs

Customer Service

Apache Junction Public Library


Apache Junction Public Library is a welcoming destination providing education, technology, information and entertainment, enriching lives of individuals and families in our diverse community.



About the Internship


The Apache Junction Public Library has a challenging opportunity available for a Customer Service intern. This internship takes a hands-on approach to advancing the candidate’s professional experience by including interaction with customers and library staff. Critical responsibilities will include, but are not limited to, providing one-on-one assistance helping customers in finding materials, answering directional questions, and assisting with select front desk duties.

  • how to engage people to find out if they need assistance; 
  • how to respond to people, both on the phone and in person, with varying needs and questions (but with limited scope); 
  • how to work within a team environment, how to recognize when it is important to refer someone to another person within the team; how to deal with frustrated customers; 
  • and how to work with different types of people; e.g. understanding generational and cultural differences.

The intern will be able to participate in any of the following library projects/programs:

1)    J.O.B.S. (Job Opportunities and Basic Skills) Training Center--assisting people needing help with employment, computer skills, GED or ESL

2)    Early literacy with the Fun Van--serving young families with children ages 0-5.

3)    Healthy, Wealthy, Wi$e--financial education programs for children and adults, and the elderly.

4)    Literacy oriented programs for children--(e.g. Babytimes, Toddlertimes, Storytimes and Splash Water, Play).

5)    P.I.T. Stops (Personal Internet Training) one-on-one assistance teaching basic computer literacy skills.

The City of Apache Junction’s motto is S.O.A.R. (Service Over And Above the Rest) and we incorporate the FISH! Philosophy to provide residents, visitors, and community organizations/businesses the finest in municipal service.

Population Served:

The library serves visitors of all ages and backgrounds on an average of 1,000 people a day, 6 days a week.  Visitors ask questions about their education, entertainment and information needs.  They also need assistance with using the library's facilities and its many services. USL students will specifically serve populations in need via the programs listed above (in Intenrship Description).

Community Need:

This internship opportunity will address the community's need for resources, programs and services for library visitors of all ages and backgrounds. The library provides quality customer service through caring, friendly, and well-trained staff whom the intern will assist.

Community Impact:

The library views customer service as one of the ways we can make a positive impact on the community by helping our customers find the information and tools they need. This intern will allow us to provide even better service.