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Community Engagement Programs

Day Training Activities Facilitator

The Opportunity Tree


To provide quality individualized supports to people with intellectual or developmental disabilities in dynamic and innovative environments.



About the Internship


The Curriculum Specialist at The Opportunity Tree will have the opportunity to implement and track curriculums in our Day Training for Adults (DTA) Program at our site based in Phoenix, Casa Grande, or Maricopa. The Specialist will spend most of their time directly engaging with the Members of our DTA program. The DTA strives to offer a dynamic program in innovative environments. The intern will be able to choose which site is most convenient for them.

The interests and talents of the intern will be taken in to account when creating the internship opportunity; allowing the intern to bring their passion to the work with The Opportunity Tree. The curriculums included and options for the intern would be:

Utilize the SNAP Curriculum to facilitate habilitative discussion groups and activities with Members of The Opportunity Tree. These can include discussion groups focusing on communication skills, time management skills, independent livings skills, social skills, ultimately presenting basic daily living skills training in an adult age-appropriate forum. Create a data tracking system that will record what modules/activities have been completed.

Utilize the Meaningful Day Curriculum to implement various activities based in habilitation. These activities will again focus on Member skill acquisition and/or skill development. Support this curriculum, filling the resource gap, and set the standard for DTA staff in developing meaningful and engaging activities, which will positively impact people with disabilities. Create a data tracking system to record what modules have been completed successfully.

Utilize the BEAMZ innovative music device and curriculum to enrich learning, provide a therapeutic experience that is fun and inclusive with interactive music. Utilize the BEAMZ Therapy guide: protocols and resources for clinicians as well as Life Skills Lesson Plans. Create a data tracking system to record what modules/activities have been completed and what skills have been worked on using BEAMZ suggested measurement tools.

Population Served:

Adults with developmental and cognitive disablities, aged 18+.

Community Need:

As a state funded non-profit, AFH is constantly looking for ways to expand programming offered to our members while keeping costs low.  The Day Training Activities Facilitator would bring their unique skills and knowledge to assist AFH staff in creating opportunities to improve the lives of the members we serve by; encouraging integration, assisting in research, implementing and tracking the benefits of curriculum and a wide array of other opportunities.

Community Impact:

Adults with special needs are a hugely underserved population in our community. By participating in an internship at The Opportunity Tree our Members will experience new opportunities for skill acquisition and skill development. This can lead to our Members being more empowered, self-determined, and independent, ultimately improving their quality of life. An intern at The Opportunity Tree will get the opportunity to personally make a difference in the lives of 50 or more Members at The Opportunity Tree.