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Community Engagement Programs

Early Childhood Teacher Assistant

Today's Tomorrow Learning Center


Today's Tomorrow Learning Center in Phoenix, Arizona is an affordable "Learning Center" for children. Every day is an opportunity for new growth. The Director and teachers are dedicated to making the more


About the Internship


Direct service with classroom teacher to create and teach lessons directly with struggling children age two to five. Interns will assist in leading projects. Projects include gardening, indoor/outdoor fitness, art, and science experiments. Through these projects, interns will help children with life skills, sensory enhancement, reading, following simple directions, large and fine motor skills. As well as interact directly under the teachers guidance and knowledge of working with early childhood children.

Population Served:

Toddlers to Pre-Kindergarten children who are experiencing poverty, under child protective services, foster care, homelessness, and other diverse family situations.

Community Need:

Todays Tomorrow Learning Center is a privately owned, state funded program serving the needs of young children who meet income or other high need population requirements. The program addresses the educational, health, and other comprehensive needs of the child and the entire family including child development, tuition referrals, and life skills consultation.

Community Impact:

The population will benefit from the knowledge, skills, education, and passion the interns will provide as they assist with leading projects with the teacher for the children. Children will be able to expand, grow, and achieve their age appropriate development through the life skills taught. They will be able to share, communicate, and education their family, friends, and neighbors. Thus improving and strengthening their knowledge, confidence, and overall educational experience. Providing them the same opportunity, education, and experience of higher financial resources.