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Community Engagement Programs

Education Support Intern

Arizona Center for Youth Resources




About the Internship


Great opportunity to work with diverse youth 16-24 in educational settings! Populations include students in a charter school, dropout recovery program, and GED programs. This is a flexible internship that will allow you to chose which population(s) you would like to work with. Based on your interest, duties may include:

• Providing in-class assistance for struggling youth
• Tutoring academically at-risk youth
• Mentor youth to increase college-going aspirations
• Working with classroom teachers to create and teach lessons directly to youth
• Conduct outreach at community events
• Teach ESL courses
• Providing social support services to youth

Population Served:

Arizona Center for Youth Resources Serves students 16-24 in a charter school setting, dropout recovery program, or GED program.

Community Need:

ACYR provides educational and social support programs to help at-risk youth overcome barriers to education, poverty, and criminal involvement, and self sufficiency.

Community Impact:

Youth possess important strengths, resources, and skills, and are central actors in their own development;
All young people require:

a sense of safety and structure
belonging and membership
self-worth and an ability to contribute
independence and control over one’s life
closeness and several good relationships
competency and mastery

Effective youth initiatives connect young people with competent, caring adults who serve as advocates on their behalf, who guide them, and who connect them to the broader institutions of society.

Programs that stick tenaciously with young people through the adolescent years can increase the number of youth that successfully transition to the roles required of responsible adulthood; and, youth are best served when programs to educate and guide them are coordinated and complementary.