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Community Engagement Programs

Educational Internship

Arizona Agribusiness and Equine Center


Arizona Agribusiness and Equine Center prepares high school students for a variety of careers related to agriculture, agribusiness, horsemanship, and animal husbandry. We've also partnered with local more


About the Internship


Intern Volunteers will be exposed to a variety of tasks centered around supporting identified
underachieving students with tutoring, mentoring and associated activities. Time may also be
spent in preparing for these activities, and meeting with students’ teachers. Providing
supervision during non-class time (lunch, field trips, during schedule gaps) may be required as
schedules permit.

 Work closely with teachers to implement/support lessons
 Correct tests/homework, and provide feedback to students
 Help monitor state testing sessions
 Develop small-group presentations
 Conduct research
 Create posters/charts/graphs or other visuals to support student learning
 One-on- one or small-group tutoring
 Supervise after-school clubs/activities
 Agreed-upon activities as suggested by Intern and Teacher

Population Served:

This internship will directly serve High School students in South Phoenix.

Community Need:

This service internship will address the need for quality educators and mentors for the youth in South Phoenix. Many of these students come from low-income families, who cannot afford tutoring and other recreational activities- outside of school. Many of our students also come from Spanish-speaking households, where the language barrier makes homework help difficult at home. 

Community Impact:

The interns who choose to help through this Service Internship will be providing mentorship and quality time to our students. With student/teacher ratios at an all-time high, many students are at risk of "falling through the cracks." Interns will also be providing a huge benefit to the teachers and staff at AAEC. Together, we all strive to make a difference in the lives of young students- who will one day be the leaders of our future.