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Blueprint Education


Blueprint Education's mission is to inspire students to make better choices and become champions of their own learning.



About the Internship


Contribute to an educational and caring environment for high school students via counseling, mentoring, tutoring, and involvement in school activities. Assist the Guidance Counselor with College & Career Readiness for high schoolers or tutor/mentor high school students. Choose the position that best suits your interests, skillset, and preferred location:

COLLEGE & CAREER READINESS COACH (high school; Glendale & Phoenix)

  • Instruct a group of 10-15 students on an already created CCR curriculum
    • Strength Finding, values exercises, dress for success, resume writing, interviewing, college applications, ect.
  • Help students, one-on-one, with resume writing, interviewing practice, and FASFA applications
  • Create an annual College Tour schedule
  • Research local college and career opportunities for students and maintain a career/college student information/resource center
  • Mentor/support students with college/career questions

GUIDANCE COUNSELOR AIDE (high school; Glendale & Phoenix)

  • Assist guidance counselor with ECAP (Educational Career Action Plan) asessements
  • Research local college and career opportunities for students and maintain a career/college student information/resource center
  • Mentor/support

STUDENT & COMMUNITY SUPPORT @ Phoenix (3rd-8th grades)
Assist the Alternative Education Program director:

  • Mentor students in 1:1 settings and/or in small groups.
  • Aid Kids at Hope Director with implementation of behavior assessment programs and data collection.
  • Attend transitional meetings and act as liason on behalf of student/mentee.
  • Most importantly, provide students access to a caring adult.

STUDENT & COMMUNITY SUPPORT @ Glendale (7th-12th grades)
Work with the Hope High School ONLINE program. Hope High School Online serves students who seek an alternative to a traditional school model. We strive to prepare students for post-secondary life. HHSO strives to be a positive presence in our community through engaging students in volunteer service. This not only creates awareness of our school, but also gives students the opportunity to learn through various service activities.

  • Assist the Hope High School Online staff as well as current and potential students in activities to support student engagement and school promotion
    • Work with a highly motivated team to involve students in HHSO's activities
    • Assist in activities to promote HHSO and increase interest and enrollments
  • Assist teachers with data analysis to assist with academic interventions such as one on one tutoring
  • Assist teacher in the HHSO Lab to tutor and counsel students in regards to their academic progress

TUTOR / MENTOR (high school; West Phoenix & Chandler)
Assist high school students in attaining higher math, reading, science, and writing scores. You will:

  • Tutor students in 1:1 and in group sessions.
  • Aid instructors in helping students during breakout sessions.
  • Assist with AIMs preparation, test preparation, study and test skills. 
  • Provide mentorship and guidence.
  • Volunteer will commit to assist students in the classroom for a period of no less than nine weeks between the hours of 8-4 for 5-20 hours/week.
  • Volunteer will report to assisgned supervisor and will be asked to provide weekly timesheets, monthly feedback and periodic1:1 meetings.
  • Volunteer will be offered and expected to attend orientation and training in organization structure/mission, school population/culture, as well as ongoing training, as needed.
Population Served:

Our two public schools and three learning labs focus on non-traditional students seeking non-traditional ways to acheive success in their education. All of our schools and learning labs throughout the valley serve under-servered/under-resourced youth. Students often have backgrounds with incarcerations (individual or family), teen pregnancy, bullying, mental health/behavioral issues, etc. We encourage all our staff and volunteers to find new and innovative ways for students to learn.

We believe ALL kids are capable of success-no exceptions! 

Community Need:

Communities that our schools are located in have higher rates of poverty, crime, homelesseness, addiction, and joblessness. Through interventions, such as tutoring and mentoring, these communities will be filled with members that are better prepared for the skilled workforce through education and life skills training, ultimately breaking the cycle of poverty. Students are in need of intensive guidance and support to increase awareness of opportunities and a more positive self outlook.

Community Impact:

In an effort to reach a broader population, Blueprint Education offers innovative ways for students to meet their educational needs. Students who receive tutoring/mentoring are more likely to continue with schooling, maintain a positive outlook on the future, reduce prevalence of crime, pregnancy and addiction. Providing academic and career guidance to students will reduce poverty in the community and surrounding areas. Students who recieve more intensive support will show an increase in preparation for the skilled workforce.

Many students are/will be first generation graduates-increasing the communities capacity to improve unemployement rates.