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Community Engagement Programs

Empowering Young Adults & Building Trauma Informed Community

The Faithful City


Founded as a Christian fellowship, The Faithful City is purposed for raising servant leaders with multi-cultural sensitivity and transformative lifestyle to serve the global community with effective more



About the Internship


The intern will participate in various services, training and advocacy opportunities with The Faithful City (TFC) servant leaders, which will empower the youth & young adults with life challenges such as diasporic anxiety, social adjustment, mental illness, unemployment, homelessness, and other at-risk situations. This is a part of TFC's trauma informed community movement.

Servant Leadership Gathering: TFC has its servant leadership training with the trauma informed care and related program to raise young servant leaders from diverse backgrounds, raising quality leadership with multicultural sensitivity.  There is a training program in ASU Tempe campus MU every Thursday night and the intern will use this training as an opportunity for reflective evaluation of internship experience with youth and young adults. This also serves a direct involvement with the trauma informed care and building resilience.  In addition, the intern will be a part of training projects related to the services toward youth & young people with serious life challenges.

Community Services: Interns accompany with youth and young adults who attends TFC's various community services such as, Arizona Trauma Informed Faith Community (AZTIFC), Hudson Park Beautification, etc.

Population Served:

Youth and young adults with serious life challenges such as diasporic anxiety, social adjustment, mental illness, unemployment, homelessness, and others.  Many times youth with mental illness get confronted with bullying at school by peers, which makes them more isolated and depressed.  They are high at-risk population of suicidal ideation and attempts.  Many of aging out foster care young adults end up homelessness and unemployment as well as dropping the school.  With less motivation for life and poor social, academic and financial management skills, they are suffering from poverty, social isolation and dysfunctional lifestyle.

Community Need:

This internship will address the needs of the community that lacks opportunities and resources for youth and young adults with serious life challenges to build a resilient trauma informed community.  For this population, the community is required to bring more of job creation, advocacy opportunity, mentors for academic and life skills, legal right education, and supportive safety network development.   This internship will expose all these social needs and challenge the intern to develop broader and deeper insight and perspective regarding the community need and service provision.

Community Impact:

The completion of the internship will impact directly on those youth and young adult at-risk population by providing modeling, mentoring and encouragement that are desperately in need for them.   Also it will greatly help community service organizations with young and creative intern who develops new ideas and effective program initiatives and strategies for the served population.  In addition, the internship will contribute to the development of the trauma informed community with various resources, advocacy, networking and educational opportunities to the community to serve those youth and young adults better.