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Community Engagement Programs

Events/Volunteer Coordination Assistant

Diving Devil Dogs of Arizona


We are Marine Corps Veterans who have been through many mental and physical struggles. We have come together to build a community of Veterans and Active duty service members to support one another. more



About the Internship


Help support veterans and active duty service members through organized events and weekly community service duties. 

Duties will consist of 70% interaction with population served, 10% assisting in event preparations, 10% Recruitment and volunteer organization, 10% Solicitation for donations to help cause.


  • Assisting with coordination of volunteers 
  • Assisting the solicitation of donation of goods for Service Saturdays
  • Assisting with coordination of Scuba Diving and Ranch events
  • Assisting with corporate expansions into new regions (via email and phone calls)
  • Assisting with fundraising
  • Interacting with homeless during Service Saturday clothing distribution
  • Interacting with Veterans and Law Enforcement Officers during events
Population Served:
  • Veterans of the Armed Forces
  • Law Enforcment Officers
  • Fire Fighters
  • College Students
  • High School Students
  • People in need (homeless population)
Community Need:

The veterans outreach portion of our organization, assists veterans who may be experiencing a hard time with PTSD or Anxiety. Our organization uses a non-convetional method through the use of Scuba Diving and Equestrian Therapy. We also give active duty service members and veterans support with a wide variety of resources through our network of partners. Interns will assist by giving support to the Diving Devil Dogs staff.

The Community Service portion assists ASU Project Humaities in collecting, sorting and distributing clothing to the homeless population of Phoenix. This event is held every other Saturday. Interns will be asked to assist with emails and phone calls assisting to ensure that Service Saturdays can be held every two weeks.

Community Impact:

Interns will be ble to experience the transformation in veterans who attend our events. Veterans who have attended past events have stated they have experienced a new way to cope with their everyday events. Many of the veterans have come back to our organization wanting to help and to spread the word about what we do. 

Through our community service initiatives, we have been able help the less fortunate by suppling clothing, shoes, toilettes and other items that can help make them more comfortable.