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Community Engagement Programs

Math, Reading, or Writing Tutor

Sequoia Lehi Elementary


To know each child and to help them reach their greatest potential


About the Internship


Interns will work one-on-one or with small groups of 6th-grade students of diverse abilities in math, writing, or reading.

I would love to work with you on helping you figure out your specific role.  I am quite flexible!  You could plan in depth, hands-on lessons activities for kids who finish with work early, you can sit down to do writing conferences to help students perfect their work, you could assist with grant-writing to help with funding classroom experiences, or you could lead one of my small math groups.  You could even plan extra experiences for students who finish all of their work that relate to your interest.  Some examples are: planning art activities related to math standards, planning a readers theater experience to assist kids with fluency, planning math activities centered around exercise and physical activity --- the choice is yours and the possibilities are endless!

Population Served:

We have a class of 14 students.  A few of these students are English Language Learners and a few are in the special education program.  We also have a couple of 6th-grade students who are working on 8th-grade math who could use a little extra one-on-one time to challenge them.  

Community Need:

You will assist with educating the students.  This is a Title One school so the need is great.


Community Impact:

The students will become more confident and secure in their abilities and will be more inspired to work toward their goals.