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Community Engagement Programs

Health Coach Liaison Intern

Desert Heights Preparatory Academy


In collaboration with our community and all other stakeholders, Desert Heights Charter Schools will provide a rigorous, standards based academic environment through a balance of intensive, more


About the Internship


The Health Coach Liaison Intern supports students by:
- Assisting with student meetings
- Offering in-class management
- Assisting in planning and running workshops and health fairs
- Giving skills and resources to both students and teachers
- Offering information and insights to parents.
- Creating and delivering educational content appropriate for multiple age levels.
- Assisting in presentations I create for parents
- Creating easy pathways to resources.

There really is no limit to the ways we can work together to better our community and ensure student success. Creativity is a plus!

Examples of community trends: self-harm, depression, self-esteem, disordered eating, substance abuse, homelessness.

Population Served:

Interns will work directly with the Behavior Team and will be assisting with grade levels 5th - 12th. Many of our students are low-income, we have an ethnically diverse population, there is a large age range (5th-12th grade), and we face mental health issues, as all other schools do.

Community Need:

Our community is in need of interns who can address mental and physical health trends. Our student population is low-income, ethnically diverse, and has a large age range (5th grade through 12th grade). I am looking for an individual that can find and implement resources, who can assist in planning and running workshops and health fairs, and who can create educational content appropriate for multiple age levels.

Interns will fulfill our needs by finding school-speakers, creating school-appropriate presentations to educate students and staff members, assist in presentations I create for parents, and find and create easy pathways to resources.

Community Impact:

Our community will have a larger understanding of the adversity faced by our students and community. Resources will be more accessible and our students will feel more supported.