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Community Engagement Programs

Homeless Advocate

Urban Outreach


The mission of Urban Outreach is to provide clean clothing, showers, a hot meal, and other necessities needed; as well as to connect homeless people with services that can help them move from crisis more



About the Internship


Assist staff members with the facilitation of our homeless drop-in center. Interns may also directly assist staff in the implementation of in-house activities. This list may include: monitoring service records, preparation and serving of meals and beverages, working in the clothing room, managing shower timing for individuals, and clean-up.

Population Served:

As an accessible drop-in center, a boundless variety of individuals walk through the doors of Urban Outreach. Though we occasionally serve youth and families, our typical guests are single adults, the majority of which are male. Most guests are homeless, though some housed individuals use the drop-in center's resources to access donated materials, such as food and clothing. This is one of few facilities open for free showers.

Community Need:

People come to Urban Outreach for a variety of reasons, including fulfilling basic needs and finding reliable referrals to community resources. Homeless guests often lack the practical skills or emotional capacity to access/apply for community resources, which can be difficult to maneuver. Thus, the presence of compassionate volunteers is crucial for helping someone get off the street. Likewise, the absence of reliable volunteer assistance means that staff do not always have the help necessary for them to complete their duties. Service Learning Students will provide sustainable help to staff in the delivery of direct services to guests of Urban Outreach.

Community Impact:

Thousands of individuals find themselves homeless each night in Maricopa County. The situation has only become more severe as unemployment and foreclosures continually force people out of their homes. A significant portion of this population live on the streets of Tempe. As there is no permanent homeless shelter in Tempe, Urban Outreach's drop-in center operates as a rare refuge from the streets.