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Community Engagement Programs

Homeless Outreach

ASU Project Humanities


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About the Internship


Help meet the needs of an adult homeless population by assisting with our Service Saturdays project. Duties include:

  • Sorting, documenting, and organizing for storage and disbursement of community donations to an adult homeless population
  • Coordinating donation drives
  • Organizing and coordinating volunteer bi-monthly activities for Service Saturdays
  • Corresponding with community about updates, solicitations, and other communications
  • Conducting outreach at community events
  • Coordinating and participating in donation distribution
  • Researching and educating the public about homelessness and instability
Population Served:

This internship will directly serve an adult homeless population. This experience serves communities with opportunities for servant-leadership opportunities by helping communities at-large.

Community Need:

The homeless communities in Phoenix need gently used clothing, shoes, hygiene and other essential items. This internship coordinates all aspects of outreach to this community.

Community Impact:

This internship provides an opportunity for interns to share a connection with people who are different from them and to understand that we are more alike than unalike. By working with this population it will give student interns an opportunity to help people to feel better and find hope in their situation.

When we help others know that we care about them through talking, listening, and connecting we humanize people who have been polarized. Interns have the opportunity to exchange and engage in activities that support learning about different people, their culture, and life experience while serving as a vital resource to the Phoenix homeless communities. Community engagement is bigger than yourself.

Please see our website for the impact of Service Saturdays: