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Community Engagement Programs

Hospice Intern

Aviant Hospice


Our Mission is to provide quality care for patients faced with a life limiting illness. The goal is to improve the quality of a person's life through pain and symptom control, as well as with more



About the Internship


Aviant Hospice has internship opportunities in the East, West, North and Central Valley. Provides physical, psychosocial, and spirtual support to the Hospice client and family. Interns can visit with our patients in their own homes or at our contracted facilities for socialization, companioship, respite care, and helping with errands. Interns can offer interactive music, read, provide spiritual comfort, and journal patients life journey to leave a legacy for loved ones. Interns also provide compassion by being present for patients who are alone or who recieve few visitors, by holding their hand for comfort and support.

Interns may also help in community events, interactive activities at our contracted facilities and attending Health Fairs.


Population Served:

Adult and elderly population with a terminal illness and a prognosis of 6 months or less to live.

Community Need:

Aviant Hospice is to exceed the expectations of our clients and their family's by providing comfort and compassion and to meet the Hospice care needs of the patient and their loved ones during the last stages of life.

Community Impact:

Knowing they have  made a difference in someones life by providing comfort and dignity through physical, emotional and spirtual help.