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Community Engagement Programs

Leadership Society of Arizona

Leadership Society of Arizona


Make life simple.



About the Internship


Main duties include:
1. Learn about community partner, its mission, vision, and daily operations to achieve organization goals.
2. Engage in direct service activities for high school leadership workshops.
3. Engage in direct service activities for leadership workshops for Phoenix's underserved Native American students.
4. Engage in one on one mentoring sessions with high school students from across the Phoenix valley.
5. Design and test a new fundraising model to supports the tuition of underserved students to participate in LSA sanctioned programs.

Population Served:

All high school students that are struggling with the stressors of balancing school, peer and family relationships, and career preparation.

Community Need:

High school students are stressed, don't know who they are and what interests them, where to spend their time productively, or know how to utilize expertise to make life easier.

This causes students to have behavioral issues that affect homes, schools, and communities.

Community Impact:

Students serviced by Intern will be impacted in the following ways:
1. Be exposed to a logical framework to view life to make it simple.
2. Learn 1 tool that will help them to improve their lives and relationships.
3. Gain a new network of students who are likeminded.
4. Reduce stress and behavioral issues, and increase academic performance.