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Community Engagement Programs

Learning Support volunteer

Sundance Elementary School


A Community Passionate About Student Success



About the Internship


Interns will be working in a classroom directly with students in a small group setting or one-one: Academic activities will include: reading to with or by children to increase fluencey, questioning to increase comprehension, practicing phonics skills in isolation with games and manipulatives or in context as selected by the teacher. Interns placed with an ELD teacher will work on language development skills that will include: oral language fluency and practicing complete thoughts and sentences.

Interns may also have small groups that need focus on number fluency- the intern will work one-one or in a small group to increase combinations of 10 or 100 using addition and subtraction, solving word problems, identifying steps in a multi step problem or if in 3rd grade work on basic multiplication facts.

All major planning will be done by the teacher of the classroom.

Population Served:

Title I designated school and population; 74% Lower economic status identified students, approximately 400 (k-3rd grade students). Students will then be selected to work with the intern because of academic risk.

Community Need:

Elementary students are in need of an additional person to work directly with them in a small group or a one-one setting. The students identified are primarily lower SES students or students that are acquiring the English language. 

Community Impact:

Support to staff and students will provide a positive experience to all involved and give hands-on experience to "real life" school scenarios. This opportunity will also create a community relationship for those students interested in the education field.