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Community Engagement Programs

Literacy Site Leader

Read Better Be Better


Vision: A Society in which children master the foundational skills necessary to become independent learners more



About the Internship


As a Site Leader for Read Better Be Better (RBBB) you will gain experience working with kids as well as managing a classroom. You'll work both independently and with other staff members to run our after school literacy program targeted to help 3rd graders who are reading below grade level. RBBB is different from other after school programs because we use trained 6th - 8th grade volunteers to implement a simple, but highly structured curriculum that helps 3rd graders improve their reading comprehension.

Two days a week you'll be in charge of running the program at a designated school site. The duties include greeting the students, taking attendance, assisting the 6th -8th grade volunteers with implementing the curriculum, actively managing behavior, and facilitating group games. In addition to running the program, you'll attend weekly team meetings with other Site Leaders and have the opportunity to participate in a variety of professional development seminars. Access to dependable transportation will be needed to drive to the schools and the RBBB office.

Population Served:

RBBB serves students who are not currently reading on grade level. We have school sites in the Avondale, Tolleson, Osborn, and Phoenix school districts that serve 3rd graders who are not receiving extra needed support. We primarily serves students in low-income families who receive free/reduced lunch.

Community Need:

72% of Arizona 3rd graders are not currently reading on grade level. This makes them four times less likely than their peers to graduate from high school. While working with RBBB you will address the academic needs of the 3rd graders in the program, and you will help the 6th-8th graders develop leadership skills and a sense of belonging in their school and their community.

Community Impact:

The RBBB mission is to help children improve their literacy skills and become better learners. Part of the RBBB impact can be seen in the evaluations completed at each school site. Teacher Evaluations show that 100% of RBBB students improved concentration, enjoyment of reading and reading comprehension after one semester of being in the program. 93% of RBBB participants self reported that they “agree” or “strongly agree” that they read better now than they did before they started the program. In addition to the student and teacher evaluation data, test scores show that RBBB students are closing the gab with their on-level peers.