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Community Engagement Programs

Math/Reading or Special Ed

Keller Elementary School


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About the Internship


Work in small groups or one-on-one with K-6 students on math/reading or help 5th-6th grade special education students with learning skills.

You will be responsible for delivering lessons to K-6 students who have gaps in their learning or need enrichment for specific skills in reading or math.  

SPECIAL EDUCATION (contact Juliann Klatt)
Work with all students (with or without an IEP) in the general education or resource classroom. At Keller, we are an inclusive practice school. We look at all students and their academic needs for service placement. You will support students in the special education program and help them to develop their learning skills.

Population Served:

You will be serving disadvantaged students ranging from grades K-6.

Community Need:

Keller Elementary is a Title I school that earned the 2015 A+ School of Excellence award.  We take serving the needs of our students seriously. The most effective way to address those needs is a kid by kid, need by need basis. In order to accomplish this method it takes people!  There is a need for students to have small group and 1 on 1 attention to best fill student's educational needs.

Community Impact:

Education is the key to changing any community, by giving children a quality foundational education at the elementary level Keller fills an important role in the future of every child we serve.  Imagine building a house with a poor foundation, the building will eventually fall under the wieght and pressures of what is built on top of it. We are committed to establishing a solid foundation for evey child so they can thrive in the future, and in turn be the people who change their community.