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Community Engagement Programs

Mathematics and Language Arts Tutor

RISE Tutoring


Refugee children who move to the U.S. often fall behind in school due to linguistic and socioeconomic barriers. RISE Tutoring seeks to change that—one student at a time. more



About the Internship


- Tutor refugee students between kindergarten and 7th grade
-Serve as friend and mentor to students
-Assist the RISE Tutoring Executive Board in outreach efforts

Population Served:

Refugees: tutoring and mentoring students, as well as providing access to resources from our community partners to refugee families.

Community Need:

Refugees come to the U.S. from dire situations, escaping war, persecution, famine, and more. Yet arriving to a new country is a tough transition, and many families struggle with cultural, educational, and linguistic barriers. This transition is often most difficult for children, who are thrust into a school system ill-equipped to address their unique educational needs. As a result, refugee students frequently fall behind, and are unable to take advantage of the opportunities available to them.

Community Impact:

Our organization works with refugee students of all ages, and makes a tangible impact not only through the academic tutoring we provide but through the fun activities and extracurricular trips we put on. Our work not only helps students get caught up (or work ahead) in their core academic subjects, but shows them the possibilities that lie in front of them and the importance of hard work and good decision-making in taking advantage of these opportunities.