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Community Engagement Programs

Mentor/Tutor & Community Revitalization

Barrio Nuevo Phoenix


Barrio Nuevo Phoenix– seeks to revitalize the marginalized neighborhoods of South Phoenix through mobilizing community partners for spiritual, social and racial reconciliation. Our passion is to see more



About the Internship


Mentor, befriend and help a diverse community in South Phoenix. Interns will be mentoring small groups of teens, at-risk youth, single moms and seniors by:

  • Tutoring students of all ages (adults included)
  • Facilitating life discussion groups 
  • Conducting service projects for seniors and families in crisis (i.e. painting houses of community members)
  • Providing hygiene bags to the homeless and families in crisis
  • There are also opportunities to assist with dance classes, hiking excursions, or day trips depending on schedule.

You will have the opportunity to help young adults to experience life to the fullest, have fun, and go on adventures while helping them own their lives and make better choices for their future. This endeavor can be very challenging and at times even frustrating when someone you have helped makes a poor choice. In the end, however, it is an incredibly rewarding experience!

Population Served:

We work/live in a diverse community that is comprised of low/no income families due a range of issues from generational poverty to low income jobs. South Phoenix is 45% Hispanic and 20% African American. Most of the families we serve are single-mother homes. Many of the fathers are in prison. 

Community Need:

Our community needs assistance to help youth gain a passion for life, foster a love of learning, and develop leadership skills. The primary goal with our interns is for them to help our youth own up to their life circumstances and model responsible life choices. Our kids/teens grow up around cyclical poverty that is too often the path they pursue. Education isn't a priority for most, and sadly few are motivated to find jobs. Our hope is that our students graduate from 8th grade and high school. We understand that not everyone will go to college, but need to help them find a path for training to discover their life's dreams.

Community Impact:

We have served this community over the last 9 years and see our youth turning the corner. We have teens who have jobs, will graduate from high school and a few that are now in community college or taking vocational training. Our hope is to see the family unit strengthen through what we are doing and stand up against the gang violence and drug usage in our neighborhood. We are partnering with local parks through their rec centers to provide opportunities for the youth to gain a passion for life and learning. We have painted 186 houses in the last years!