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Community Engagement Programs

Mentor/Tutor (Young Adult)

ASU TRIO Student Support Services


TRIO Student Support Services at Arizona State University is a federally funded program that helps students. Tempe TRIO SSS primarily assist students with disabilities and Downtown TRIO SSS assists more


About the Internship


Provide academic tutoring to ASU first-generation, low-income, and/or students with disabilities. Choose Tempe or Downtown campus location.

Tricia Bawn & Thia Fuller- Tempe TRIO SSS Program Director (Please send resume and unofficial transcript to be considered for this position.)

Tutor students in introductory writing, math, or science courses (subject is determined by student experience and academic pursuits) AND/OR mentor students in areas such as time management, stress management, study skills, notetaking, etc. Must be willing to coordinate a workshop with a fellow peer catered for our student population.

  • Assist students with technology, academic software, and other resources (e.g., myASU, Blackboard, etc.)
  • Leading and/or facilitating workshops
  • Attend mandatory meetings and training sessions
  • Schedule and meet with assigned students on a regular basis
  • Facilitate 1:1 meetings with students on topics like financial literacy, note taking, time management, etc.
  • Refer and inform students about university resources and events
  • Document student interactions and organize student data
  • Attend TRIO & Educational Outreach and Student Services events, including but not limited to orientations, workshops, university programming, etc.
  • Research financial literacy, career services, time management and other relevant topics. Present workshops for students on this information as well as creating a monthly newsletter with related topics.
  • Generate and implement ideas for outreach to students and to improve student interaction
  • Other duties as assigned



Population Served:

Tempe SSS primarily serves undergraduate students with disabilities - who may also be first-generation college students and/or low-income students - to help them succeed academically and graduate from college. Our program works closely with the Disability Resource Center on campus to best meet the needs of our unique student population. 


Community Need:

On average, students with disabilities take longer to graduate from college, causing higher loan debt; low-income or first-generation college students often need additional support. Tutoring and mentoring these students will increase the likelihood of their academic and financial success, which will greatly improve their life skills to successfully thrive in varying communities after they graduate. 

Community Impact:

Student Support Services (SSS) programs provide beneficial retention services to over 800 ASU students across all four locations. These programs increase retention and graduation rates for students by providing services, opportunities and resources that enhance personal skills and academic excellence. Services include individualized tutoring, assessment of individual learning styles, educational workshops, financial literacy and preparation for advanced degrees and careers.

This position will positively influence the community by creating more opportunities for low-income, first generation college students and those with disabilities to excel in academia as well as the workforce. Interns will help students contribute to our diverse society and increase student success, furthering economic development.