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Community Engagement Programs

Photography Group Leader



Enhancing the experiences of life for people of all ages by managing Life Enrichment centers, a child development center and providing home services to the elderly



About the Internship


Create a module for disabled adults about nature and nature photography, and instruct them in a photography "class." You will need to plan, with the support from staff, outings for the members of the "class" to utilize skills from the previous week's instruction.

Population Served:

Adults with developmental and intellectual disabillities.

Community Need:

We need an experienced photographer to lead a group of disabled adults through a photography class to expose them to more extracurricular activites.

Community Impact:

Benevilla is an intergenerational life enrichment program. WIth the help of friendly staff and volunteers, we aim to make the lives of our clients and the people in our community fuller, richer, and happier.