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Community Engagement Programs

Pre-K & K Teaching Assistant

HeartPrints Montessori


Our mission is To nurture the child's natural curiosity and start them on a road of lifelong learning



About the Internship


Interns will assist teachers in preparing the environment in the morning that promotes free movement and helps facilitate independent learning and exploration in a Montessori classroom. The intern will help supervise children putting away their shoes and lunch boxes during arrival time; sit with children during circle time; help the lead teacher by supervising children during independent work time; participate in music and movement as part of the children’s exercise;  supervise outside play and supervise children as they work in the garden, watering and taking care of the plants. 

Population Served:

Preschool children from 1 yr. to 6 yrs., both typically developing and special needs. The Montessori classroom is inclusive (no separation according to typical vs. special development). The intern will work primarily with toddlers (1 yr. & 2 yr. olds), but may be assigned other duties as needed. The children that attend HeartPrints are primarily from low-income families who have the help of paying tuition from DES.

Community Need:

Children attending HeartPrints Montessori come from diverse cultures, representative of all the American cultural groups as well as many international cultures.  Some of the children arrive speaking very little or no English at all.  The assistant will be encouraged to have patience and help assist children in vocabulary development through language learning.  Many of the children at HeartPrints are raised by single mothers and they are the only children at home.  Being in a multi- age class at HeartPrints helps recreate a family structure. Younger children learn from older children and also learn to be independent. The assistant will help children achieve this goal. The assistant helps children learn to take care of the environment around them.

Community Impact:

An intern at HeartPrints will help children develop mentally and academically.  Children learn that people are different as they come in contact with children from different cultures. Through the Montessori curriculum children will develop concepts of order, coordination, concentration and independence as they work individually. The assistant will be part of children’s development as they interact with each other within the culturally diverse classroom.