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Community Engagement Programs

Preschool Math Mentor

I Can Math


I Can Math serves to work with early childhood classrooms to provide math education to communities, children and future teachers



About the Internship


Students will work with preschool children (ages 3-5) on math activities at a minimum twice a week (approximately 5 -10 hours/week). Students are given the lesson and materials and then work with a small group of children each time they are in the classroom. Students will also attend pre-service training before entering the classroom. Mentors provide lessons in a play-based format (not worksheets) where children engage in playing without realizing the skills they are learning.

Population Served:

I Can Math works with children ages 3-5 in preschool classrooms that serve under-served communities.

Community Need:

Math is the strongest predictor of long-term school success, even more than reading, yet it is not happening in preschool classrooms. ICM looks to support low-income preschools to provide high-quality curriculum and interactions to help preschool children be successful in kindergarten and beyond.

Community Impact:

For every dollar that is invested in early childhood, between $7-15 are returned. This means we must invest in early childhood. Teachers in these communities are often too busy to attend to all the children in the classroom. By creating a relationship with the children, the mentor is able to provide high-quality learning opportunities that will set the child up to be success in later years.