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Community Engagement Programs

Preschool Teaching Assistant

Katy's Kids Preschool at Neighborhood Ministries


Katy's Kids is a preschool that is committed to providing age appropriate early childhood learning experiences through play, observation and investigation. Our goal is to empower the students and more



About the Internship


Assist teacher in implementing structured large and small group times centered around language arts, math, science, social emotional development, and physical development. Learn and implement techniques to foster a child's social and emotional development throughout the school day. Work with children during center time using CLASS questioning strategies to scaffold their learning. Help facilitate structured outdoor and indoor pysical development activities. Assist  teacher in taking anecdotal observation notes of a child's learning, growth, and development. 



Population Served:

Katy's Kids Preschool serves a community whose children are the victims of poverty and broken social systems. They are often lacking in the social, emotional and problem - solving skills needed to enter school and life.

Community Need:

Children attending Katy's Kids Preschool are often lacking in the social, emotional, and problem solving skills needed to navigate life succesfully. Their parents are often at a loss as to how to assist their children in these areas. As an intern in the classroom you will learn and implement strategies to help our children become succesful communicators and problem solvers in the classroom and at home. As well as, communicate to parents their child's successes in these areas. 

Community Impact:

Katy's Kids Preschool believes that our children are the future problem solvers of their community. An intership with Katy's Kids Preschool provides an opportunity to help young children learn empathy, name and work through emotions, and work cooperatively with others. These are life long skills that our children will use to possitively impact their broken communities.