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Community Engagement Programs

Reading or Math Aide for Underprivileged Children

Children First Leadership Academy


The Children First Leadership Academy, established in 2008, serves and educates over 250 K-8 students in Phoenix, Arizona. Many of our students are homeless and all of them live below the poverty more


About the Internship


The purpose of the school is to provide a high quality education for homeless and impoverished children by doing two things: first, reduce and eliminate the barriers and obstacles that interfere with the education of each child and second, provide an educational curriculum that prepares them to further their education, enjoy a successful career, and become effective leaders. The school focuses on the physical, mental and emotional barriers and obstacles to education by providing many services (medical, dental, counseling), material items (clothing, food, hygiene items, school supplies, availability of showers, washers, dryers, etc.) and unique adaptations to normally mundane services (flexible bus routes that can change daily based on frequent moving of children's families).

The wonderful interns will assist classroom teachers in helping K-8th grade children do either or both of the following:

1. Understand math - Teach children how to perform basic math skills and the importance of math in one-on-one and small group settings. 

2. Learn to read - Teach children basic reading skills (fluency, phonemic awareness, comprehension, etc.) and to enjoy the wonderful world of literature all around them in one-on-one and small group settings.  .


Population Served:

The children at the Children First Leadership Academy come from families who are below the federal poverty line. All but 10% of the children are of minority descent. Typically, about 40-50% of the children are homeless.

Community Need:

The Children First Leadership Academy educates some of Phoenix's most vulnerable homeless and impovershed children. We provide free clothing, food, school supplies, uniforms, and snacks, along with medical, dental, and behavioral health services to ensure that the barriers to education are eliminated and children can focus on learning.

Community Impact:

This internship will allow the intern to make a huge difference in helping to end poverty and homelessness through education amongst the finest students in the city.