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Community Engagement Programs

Refugee Self-Sufficiency Support Specialist

PCs for Refugees


PCs for Refugees is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to achieving the mission of providing every refugee family in Arizona with a personal computer. Today it is nearly impossible to more



About the Internship


There is a wide variety of ways anyone can help our organization. Volunteers can be of assistance even without knowledge in repairing PCs. PCs for Refugees also offers instruction to volunteers who are unfamiliar with repairing computers. The following lists are various opportunities our volunteers can contribute to our organization:
• Gather and organize donations
• Prepare and repair parts
• Deliver and Set up PCs at family locations
• Translate other languages to provide better communication between volunteers and families
• Collaborate with other volunteers to organize events
• Compose various marketing tactics to create a larger influence in the community
• Document and organize forms and other important information
• Table at various events to connect and offer a wider support to the refugee community
• Survey on effectiveness and usefulness of our programs
• Help kids and adults in families to use computers
• Teach/guide/mentor kids on how use computers to learn English, typewriting, etc.
• Help kids to use computers for learning science, math etc. so they get self-help in their school work.
• Help with resume building and job search guidance to help the path towards self-sufficiency.

Population Served:

Refugees from all over the world who are resettled in the valley. They speak various languages like Arabic, Swahili, Urdu, etc. and can mostly manage to speak a little bit of English as well.
Our organization seeks to aid families who have very limited knowledge on modern technology. By gifting these families with personal computers, it will allow them to learn basic technological skills required for the modern age.

Community Need:

Our organization is critical for the refugee society because it opens a greater amount of opportunities for them to become financially stable and socially connected to the community they’re moving into. Were not only giving these families free computers, we are also giving them a chance to become more comfortable and secure in their new home. Personal computers will allow these families to become more a part of the community by giving them the opportunity to such as find a job, acquire an education, connect with neighbors, etc.

Community Impact:

By volunteering at our organization you’ll be able to make a positive difference in these families by helping them feel more welcomed in their new home and communities. Students can also gain great leadership, communication, and collaborative skills by participating in our organization. Volunteers will be able to connect with these refugee families and witness that impact our service has on their lives. Our service brightens the outlook of these family’s futures, nothing is more comforting than a good Samaritan.